Once you're successfully set up and connected in Spaces, you can now browse the existing intents or create one yourself (as long as you have 250 AST staked in your wallet).

1. If you're interested in buying AST, look at the existing intents. If you see an order you like, click to preview the trading terms

2. In this FAQ example, we will click on this "buy intent" for 1 AST. A lightbox will pop up showing the terms of the intent. If everything is to your liking, proceed and click "Start a Chat" to negotiate pricing terms with the counterparty.

3. Once you start a chat, you can speak directly to the counterparty to negotiate a price on the trade (If you don't have your wallet set up for messaging, please follow this guide). 

4. After negotiations, either side can click the "Send Order" button to initiate the trade. If you are initiating the order, a lightbox will appear with customizable fields. Make sure these fields match the terms agreed upon in the conversation. Once finished, click "Continue."

5. You will now be able to review the order. If there's an error, recreate a new order. If everything looks right, proceed to click "Sign and Send." You will have to sign again on your wallet to finish sending the order.

6. If you sent the order, the counterparty will have to sign and accept the order. If the counterparty sent the order, you will have to sign and accept the order. Once an order is accepted and successfully processed through the Ethereum network, the order card will read "SUCCESS."

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