You may be experiencing a rare problem where the transaction was accepted by the Ethereum network but the order on AirSwap expired before the order could be accepted. Typically, this occurs when either your gas was set too low or the time on the order on AirSwap expired. Don’t worry, you have not lost the tokens that you were intending to buy or sell.

This troubleshooting article will help you verify whether or not you are having this issue:

1. Locate your transaction ID (TxHash)

2. Go to, enter your transaction ID into the search bar on the top right corner, and click “GO”

3. Take a look at the transaction’s “Overview” tab. The “TxReceipt Status” should read “Success”

4. Lastly, click the “Event Log” tab

5. Important: If the “Name” section on the “Event Log” reads “Failed,” you have verified that the transaction failed and should be resubmitted.

6. If you are still interested in fulfilling your order, please try the transaction again. This time, make sure that (1) you submit your order before the order expires; (2) the gas amount is high enough so the Ethereum network accepts your transaction.

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