In this example, we will demonstrate how to buy a token. To sell a token, click the “Sell” tab next to the “Buy” tab.

Once you’ve set up your cryptocurrency wallet and connected it to AirSwap, you can now trade tokens by following these simple steps: 

1. Find the token you wish to buy either by typing in the token name or ticker in the Checkout widget.

2. Input the amount of tokens you wish to buy in the Checkout widget and click "Get Quotes"

3. You will receive price quotes from all peers on the AirSwap network that are able and willing to fulfill your buy request. The best available price from the network will be reflected to you, but you are free to take any of the available prices. 

A *Trophy Symbol* next to the Rate indicates that you are getting the best price amongst Ethereum decentralized exchanges (DEXs) on DexIndex–a price comparison tool for Ethereum DEXs.

You can also set your own Gas fee. If you want to speed up the transaction, raise the amount of Gas.

If you are content with everything in the Checkout widget, click "Buy [Token]"

PRO TIP: If the order has less than 60 seconds left, we highly recommend requesting for a new quote, so the quote on AirSwap doesn't expire prior to the Ethereum network processing the transaction. Read more about this rare problem.

4. To confirm the order, you must sign the confirmation within the digital wallet that you're using.

5. Once signed, the transaction will be sent to the Ethereum network to settle. Once the signed transaction is mined, the atomic swap has been completed, and the tokens should be reflected in your wallet.

Congrats! You've successfully bought tokens. You can view the transaction on Etherscan, and the tokens will be updated in your wallet.

Troubleshooting: The tokens didn’t update in my wallet, what happened? If you do not see the token you just bought in your wallet, please try troubleshooting with this support article prior to reaching out to the AirSwap support team.

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