• Non-custodial. Unlike a centralized exchange, AirSwap does not take custody of funds. Therefore, there is no “bank-run” hacking risk. 

  • No sign-ups. We do not require users to sign up and do not collect sensitive data.

  • No fees. There are no fees baked into any trades on the AirSwap network.

  • No slippage. AirSwap is p2p, users decide the exact prices they wish to trade, and execution prices are not subject to “slippage”, or getting a different price than you expect. On AirSwap, the price you see is the price you get.

  • Intuitive. AirSwap is designed with UX as one of our top priorities. 

  • Secure. AirSwap was rated the #1 safest Ethereum decentralized exchange.

Learn more about AirSwap's benefits in our blog post "Why AirSwap?"

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