You can cancel an order as long as no one else has completed the other side of, or has "taken," the order. To cancel a trade, you will incur gas costs.

Once you’ve set up your cryptocurrency wallet, connected it to AirSwap OTC, and created an order, you can now Cancel an Order on AirSwap OTC by following these simple steps: 

1. Go to the "Activity" tab on AirSwap OTC to find the order you would like to cancel.

2. The "Activity" tab will show all orders (active and/or canceled) that have time remaining on the contract. Find the order you would like to cancel, and click “cancel” within that order.


3. A lightbox will appear. Click "Cancel Trade." 

4. To finalize the cancellation, you must sign the transaction. Once signed, the Ethereum network will process your cancellation request. You can verify that your order is canceled by viewing AirSwap OTC, the "Activity" tab, or reviewing the cancellation transaction on Etherscan.

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