In this example, we will demonstrate how to make and take an order using ETH <> DAI.

Once you’ve set up your cryptocurrency wallet and connected it to AirSwap OTC, you can now Create an Order on AirSwap OTC by following these simple steps: 

1. Find the token you wish to send and receive by clicking the drop-down menus on both sides. 

2. You can find the token you wish to trade by typing the token ticker or by entering the token's contract address into the search bar. If this is your first time trading with a token on AirSwap OTC, you will need to sign a confirmation within your wallet to approve the trading of the token.  Read more on why approvals are necessary.

3. Enter the quantities of the order. The other side will be completed by a counterparty.

4. (Optional) Set the order with a specific counterparty. If you would like to make your order public, leave the "Counterparty wallet" field blank. If you would like to make your order only executable by a single counterparty, make sure that the "Counterparty wallet" field is filled with your counterparty's exact wallet address. 

5. Finally, set the expiration time for your order by using the drop-down menu next to "Expires in."

6. IMPORTANT: Make sure you review all of the terms of your order. You can review the conversion tool below each asset to help you verify the conversion.

7. Once everything is verified, you can create the order by clicking "Create." You will have to confirm and sign within your wallet that you are connected with to finalize the order creation.

8. You can confirm that the order is created when the "Ready to Share" page appears. Use the link at the bottom to copy the URL and share the order with your counterparty. If it's a public order, share it anywhere you think there will be interested traders!

Congratulations! You've successfully created an order on AirSwap OTC.

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