Once you’ve set up your cryptocurrency wallet and connected it to AirSwap OTC, you will see two drop-down lists for tokens. If the token you would like to trade is available on the list, you can simply select that token. If the token you would like to trade isn't appearing on the list, you can still trade your token by using the token's contract address.

To trade with a token's contract address, follow these steps:

1. Go to Etherscan or your preferred blockchain explorer to find the token's contract address; in this example, I will use Etherscan. In the blockchain explorer, search for the token and locate the profile page. Within the profile page, locate the token's contract address.

2. Now that you found the contract address, copy it. This is what you will be pasting within AirSwap OTC. On OTC, click the token drop-down menu and paste the contract address directly in the search.

Congrats! You have successfully added a token as a tradable asset via the contract address.

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