Before you can wrap ETH or unwrap WETH, you'll need to make sure you're connected to AirSwap Instant. You can check that you're successfully connected if you're wallet address is showing up on the top right-hand drop-down menu.

Once you've confirmed that you're wallet is connected, here's how you can wrap ETH and unwrap WETH:

1. Go to and click the Wallet tab on the left-hand side of your screen

The Wallet tab will expand, and here, you will see the your (1) wallet address at the top; (2) ETH wrapping and WETH unwrapping widgets; and (3) any token balances you have in your wallet (if you have any). 

2. If this is your first time unwrapping WETH, you will need to approve the token to be unwrapped (you only have to do this once). Otherwise, all you need to do here is to input the amount of ETH or WETH that you would like to wrap or unwrap, respectively.

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