Trading Melon Token (MLN) on AirSwap is easy and can be done in under a minute without trading fees, deposits, or counterparty risk

Before you begin, you will need to connect with a digital wallet compatible with AirSwap and have some ETH in your wallet to trade.

1. Go to AirSwap Trader and connect your digital wallet by clicking "Connect" on the top-right corner:

2. A lightbox with all of the compatible wallets will pop up. Choose the one you wish to connect with. Your signature will be requested within your wallet. You must “Sign” to successfully connect.

3. Congrats! You've successfully connected to AirSwap Trader.

4. Now, find MLN on either side: "You'll send" or "You'll receive." Your choice here will be based off of the side of the trade you want to take (in this example, we will send MLN). You can find MLN by either searching for Melon Token, MLN, or by using the token's contract address.

5. Input the amount of MLN you would like to send. 

6. Now, choose what token you would like to receive. You can find any token by searching for the token name, ticker or by using the token's contract address (in this example, we will receive ETH).  

7. Input the amount of ETH you would like to receive. 

8. If you want to make this a public order, leave the Counterparty wallet field blank. If you want to make this a private order, make sure to input your recipient's wallet address.

9. Set the time that you would like the order to be live. If you choose an hour, the order will expire in an hour (and, so on).

10. Finally, carefully review all of the terms of the order and click "Create." Congrats! You have now successfully created a trustless OTC order for MLN that's shareable to anyone via URL.

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