Staking on AirSwap locks your AST to participate in the decentralized governance system. Using your staked AST, you can participate in voting for on AirSwap Improvement Protocols (AIP) among other tasks. Voting is rewarded with points that can be used to claim fees generated by AirSwap trades.

To stake your tokens, visit the governance portal on Codefi Activate. Select a wallet provider to connect your Ethereum wallet.

The staking process consists of 2 transactions. The first is to approve the transfer of AST from your wallet and the second is to transfer AST in the staking contract.

  1. First, the staking contract must be approved. When you initially click on "Stake" you will be required to "Approve" as a one-time transaction. After clicking, wait for the transaction to successfully complete on the network.

  2. Then, click "Stake" and select how many AST you want to stake. Set the appropriate gas price for the transaction and confirm. Wait for the transaction to successfully complete on the network.

You should now see the graph on Activate displaying your staked AST. To see all staked tokens, check out the staking contract on Etherscan.

Note: You do not have to create an Activate account to stake your AirSwap tokens.

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